Matteo Trigatti

Environmental Engineer, Ph.D.

email: matteo.trigatti(at)


PhD Thesis




The main target of the PhD activity was to develop an integrated study of the water pollution and treatment bound to the storm water washoff to the receiving water bodies. The work performed by the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Environment of the University of Udine and other public and private companies interested to the PhD topics.

During the study a series of field applications were forecasted with territorial applications by wastewater treatment plants as well as in urban and industrial areas. The aim of the work was twofold: a first intention was to deep topics bound to the pollution of stormwater runoffs with ecotoxicological evaluations and a second objective was to develop a treatment plant designing tool to decrease this pollution impacts on receiving rivers.

The PhD work led to a new form to characterize and treat pollution from runoff waters, further decisional instruments to limit pollution impacts has been studied in order to support territorial pollution prevention and protection.


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