Laboratory area is divided in three sections






The chemical section of the environmental laboratory, placed in a room of 25 square meters, is equipped with analytical and engineering tools such as: ozonator, ultrasonic reactor, little digesters, mercury analyzer, AOX / EOX analyzer, gas chromatographs. In this laboratory other ordinary equipment is provided such as: muffle, heating systems and thermoregulators, stirring and mixing devices, analytical and technical balance, freezers -20 ° C and -80 ° C and more. Bench scale batch and continuous reactors and pressure vessels. Two cabinets, two chemical safety hoods, one walk-in.



The microbiological section of the environmental laboratory, placed in a room of about 10 square meters, is a little microbiological laboratory equipped with the necessary tools to conduct basic microbiological test and assays: Class 2 microbiological hood, optical microscope with objectives to direct light and phase contrast (125-1000 x), double beam spectrophotometer UV-vis, refrigerated ultracentrifuge, 6-filtration ramp for membrane filtration method tests, dispensers of liquid volume adjustable (1-10 microliters, 10-100 microliters, 100-1000 microliters, 1-10 milliliters).



The section BIO2 of the environmental laboratory is a miscellaneous laboratory placed in a room of 15 square meters, it is equipped with two safety hoods, spectrophotometers VIS and UV-VIS, some of them portable type, respirometers, BOD devices, jar-test equipment. In this section all other ordinary laboratorial equipment is present, such as electronic devices, incubators, autoclave, heating and thermoregulation devices, dishwasher.


Main equipment of the laboratory:

  • Bench-top systems for water and wastewater treatment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Parr Autoclave
  • AOX Analyzer
  • GC-MS
  • Portable water samplers
  • Jar-Test
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Ultrasonic reactor
  • Respirometric reactor
  • Hach Mobile laboratorie
  • Ozonator and ozone reactor
  • Oxymeters
  • pH meters
  • BOD, COD, TKN: Analytical Instruments
  • UV spectrophotometer
  • Mercury Analyzer
  • BMP measure (by AMPTS II, Bioprocess Control, Sweden)
  • Ordinary instruments for laboratory practices

The "old" mixed-use laboratory


Researchers at work