The project set up as a Spin-off at the University of Udine called RISA (Research Engineering Development Environment), is coming from the belief that in the civil and environmental area, wide potential for application of new knowledge and tools of environmental research can be found. In the field of environmental engineering, the research group named "Environmental Pollution and Treatment" has built up considerable experience in applied environmental research, this experience is induced to students, PhD students and postdocs developing environmental issues related to the international and local concern. Thus it was necessary to transmit these experiences by a solid and active relationship by means of a Spin-off company that could interact at a professional-level innovative and advanced environmental research.

The founders starting R.I.S.A. srl were Eng. Christiano Roselli della Rovere, Eng. Ilaria Cimarosti and Dr. Giada Rossi. They had responsibility in management and other activities by the expertise and skills acquired during the PhD course carried out at the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of the University of Udine. The company had changed by introducing new members with other responsibilities and skillfulness as ing. Valentina Cabbai and Dr. Claudia Bruna Rizzardini together with Dr. Giada Rossi, leading the company towards new commitments under the auspices of the statutes.

The Spin-Off combined expertise in civil engineering, chemistry and biology to solve complex problems related to the environment, from research to applications in the field. The Spin-Off has ceased business momentarily waiting to reform it with new perspectives and ideas.



ACTIVITIES (2008-2016)