The Group participates to the Study Abroad: "Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure in Italy (University of Udine) by OSU",  Pictures 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 ,6, 7, 8,

A seminar titled: "MANAGEMENT DI RISORSE AMBIENTALI: LA GESTIONE DEL SERVIZIO IDRICO INTEGRATO IN-HOUSE", is held by Ing. Massimo Battiston, General Maneger of 

Decision about our HORIZON 2020 (FullWaterRecovery) proposal: 1, 23

Matteo Trigatti defenses his PhD thesis by CISM, in the World Water Day. Picure1

Nice meeting with Regional FVG authorities by their offices, presentation of some our Integrated Water Cycle projects. Documents of the discussion: A, BC, D, 

WrC-UNIUD (Water resources Center) proposal  by University of Udine to discuss and study Integrated Water Cycle issues. Proposal (ITAonly)

The Group participates to the meeting "Formazione Ambientale", by Università di Udine "Rizzi" aula M. LocandinaDati

"Venice Symposium 2016"

The Group participates at "Venice Symposium 2016" held in Venice.