Ali Khakbaz

MSc, Textile Engineering, PhD





The activity deal with the study of the most important residual coming from the Integrated Water Cycle: the sludge material. Management of sludge, as a solid matrix coming from wastewater treatment plants, is very important both from a technological and economical point of view.

The work is performed by a collaboration between the Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture and the DI4A of the University of Udine, and the IRCSS “Mario Negri” Institute of Milan.

A series of experimental and “on the field” sampling are forecasted to seek new solutions to characterize and to evaluate toxicity of sludge coming from small and large municipal wastewater treatment plant. The sludge is considered as a potential soil emending material studying safety and weaknesses of this concept, introducing new perspective in analyzing real and forecastable characteristics.

The work lead a proposal for a new way to characterize and control sludge coming from wastewater treatment plants of selected Integrated Water Cycles in Friulian territory all over the world as well.

Land application of sewage sludge has proven as a cost effective and environmentally safe disposal method by beneficially recycling of organic matter and nutrients and improving soil quality.

By considering the importance of sewage sludge characterization before disposal or application to the farm land, the research is focused on extraction and characterization of Humic substances to emphasize the role of this recalcitrant fractions in the evaluation of the quality of composts and sewage sludge for their use in agriculture. As an example this compounds were extracted and analyzed through TOC analyzer, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, fluorescence Spectroscopy and FTIR spectroscopy in following samples:

• Elliot soil (United state)
• Drinking water production residuals (Netherlands)
• Sludge from livestock wastewater treatments (Netherlands)
• Sphagnum moss and two peats at different stages of decomposition
• Sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants (FVG)



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